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  • @PeterGhostine In a trial membership for 3 weeks now; up 10% thanks to Peter's recommendations and I only took some. Great training, thanks! (10/14/2016)

    • Barry Onufrock
  • @PeterGhostine Peter, not only do I appreciate your specific trades - I really enjoy your eagle-eye view of markets in general. (10/31/2016)

    • Samo
  • @PeterGhostine I have been a subscriber since the beginning, top notch. (10/31/2016)

    • Trace Swisher
  • @PeterGhostine Another great month in October Peter. You're better every day! (11/02/2016)

    • Alan
  • Peter, you do a great job man. You work hard and always follow through on trades after the trade is in place. Keep up the good work. (07/17/2016)

    • Christian Rohlinger
  • In all the time I've followed your lead, your position has always been " here's my thesis and this is my trade". (07/17/2016)

    • M K Copp
  • $SPX Going LIVE with Peter @PeterGhostine Tomorrow at 9:00 AM EST here. Peter called for a 3400 top back in June. Tune in for how this correction plays out in Peter's Excellent Technical Work! Intelligence Gathering (03/05/2020)

    • Dale Pinkert
  • I did not agree with going long after about a Dow 700-pt rally, but congrats on selling at a profit instead of a huge loss. Already waiting for your next move. (10/11/2017)

    • md seigal
  • Nice one.. for anyone thinking about his service, Peter's always the best at the macro picture! :) All the other twitter traders focus too much on the short term. (03/08/2019)

    • Rajiv S
  • Remembered last night. I'm adding My TradingWarriorBrother Peter Ghostine @PeterGhostine to this List of accurate SPX Bear Forecasts! (12/26/2018)

    • Dale Pinkert
  • No service comes close to the sheer profits you generate for us. Thank you! (09/23/2017)

    • mmdd2006
  • All I care about is that you never stop your service! Counting on you for early retirement! :) (09/23/2017)

    • mmdd2006
  • @PeterGhostine Peter warned about a Correction a Month ago. I asked best guess when. He said after Earnings Season. Great Forecast Peter! (05/17/2017)

    • Dale Pinkert
  • This tweet saved me a lot of money in the past 2 days and made me even more this afternoon. I tip my hat to you!! (02/09/2018)

    • Gene Swan
  • Thank you. You have been amazing. (04/21/2020)

    • John Columbia
  • Nice boring trade. Just the way I like it. Thanks Peter. (04/01/2020)

    • Carl Griffin
  • Outstanding Presentation, Peter. Over the top information and insight !!!! (03/23/2020)

    • k
  • Makes the weekend trade even more relaxed. (04/24/2020)

    • Julian Gray
  • Unbelivable.....I salute was touch and go.....but you stuck to the plan. Thank you. (01/03/2019)

    • md seigal
  • Thanks Peter you too have a great 2019. Still can't say enough how professional you handle the private twitter feed @PeterGhostine (12/31/2018)

    • Mr. Leigh
  • @PeterGhostine TY from a new member for your well curated trades and market commentary over the private twitter account . Already paid for the years membership! (12/10/2018)

    • Mr. Leigh
  • Everything in your tweet has been right on the money so far. So what happens after $SPY rallies to 270-275? Thx Peter. (12/10/2018)

    • Eddy
  • Hey Peter, just want to say thanks for your very insightful analysis of BANK this morning. Whether it pans out or not, the educational value of getting to see an experienced trader's thought process is invaluable to me. Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. (03/08/2018)

    • Carl Griffin
  • I’ve been following and this has been fantastic work. (02/15/2018)

    • Michael Flynn
  • Great analysis...!!! I'll Keep it as a typical example of options trading. Pxl (05/02/2017)

    • Pxl
  • You were spot on and i played it that way. Thank you! (05/18/2017)

    • Jay Dee
  • Great advice on the last two premium sales. Both excellent trades. (11/03/2016)

    • JC Hames
  • I'm enjoying u more than ever. I really appreciate ur new approach to us non-day traders. (08/04/2016)

    • Finny