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61point8's Trade Book (Public-Facing)

IDStatusSymbolTradeLong / ShortQuantityEntry DateEntry PriceClosing PriceClosed QuantityClosing DateProfit / Loss
2103 CTWTRLong TWTR January 18 2019 27/30 Call SpreadL20012/19/2017$101.00$120.0020010/10/2018$3,800.00
2245 CQQQShort QQQ October 19 2018 182.50/185 Call SpreadS20010/5/2018$88.00$14.0020010/10/2018$14,800.00
2246 CAAPLShort AAPL October 19 225/230 Call SpreadS20010/10/2018$158.00$55.0020010/15/2018$20,600.00
2247 CSPYShort SPY October 19 2018 282.50/285 Call SpreadS20010/11/2018$58.00$24.0020010/15/2018$6,800.00
2248 PSPYShort SPY November 16 2018 285/290 Call SpreadS20010/16/2018$147.00$114.0010010/18/2018$3,300.00
2249 CSPYShort SPY November 16 2018 285/290 Call SpreadS10010/16/2018$147.00$103.0010010/18/2018$4,400.00
Monthly P/L:   $53,700.00

The public-facing version of the trade book only displays trades and P/L for the prior months. The current month's open positions and P/L are only accessible by TradeWinds subscribers.The trade book was implemented in early June 2014. Unfortunately, granular data for the months of January through May 2014 are not available.



Status:     O = Open     C = Closed     P = Partially Closed 

- Click on the ticker symbol (in the second column) to view the chart depicting the supporting technical analysis and trade setup. (Not always available).

- A partially-closed position will automatically generate a new open position for the remaining open quantity.

- The Entry Price and Closing Price specify the per-unit price, i.e., the price of one (1) options contract or share of stock at entry and exit, respectively.

- For a given trade, net debit or credit = Quantity x Entry Price.

- Monthly P/L calculation only takes into account closed trades (i.e., realized P/L).

- At the start of a new month, open trades from prior months are carried forward until closed.

- Profitable trades are highlighted in green. 

- Unprofitable trades are highlighted in red.

Break-even trades are highlighted in gray.