TradeWinds TriModel Framework

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Holistic TriModel Framework Overview

 Stay one step ahead of the U.S. stock market with relevant and accurate insights.
 Stay abreast of the changing market conditions and learn to assess the odds of favorable risk taking.
 Leverage a hybrid technical analysis model that delivers superior results and impeccable timing. 
 Increase your edge with the proprietary valuation model that identifies market extremes that often lead to trend reversals.
 Identify high-probability trades on both the long and short sides with impeccable timing using the buy/sell model.

Technical Analysis Model

 Auction market theory.
 Pattern recognition (classic chart and candlestick patterns, Elliott wave, Fibonacci harmonic patterns).
 Trend, cycle, momentum, and volume analysis.
Exhaustion analysis (Tom DeMark Sequential and Combo indicators).
 Volatility analysis.
 Intermarket analysis.
 Stocks vs. bonds analysis.
 Breadth analysis.
 Options market analysis (put/call ratio, order flow).

Valuation Model

 Increase your edge with the proprietary valuation model that identifies market extremes that often lead to trend reversals.

Buy/Sell Model

 Learn how I leverage the proprietary buy/sell model to implement high-probability trades lasting several weeks to several months.
 Learn my income-generating option strategies and find out why premium selling is vastly superior to buying options. 
 Learn how I strive to free myself from the daily grind by adopting a low-frequency, low-stress swing-trading style.
 Receive my trades instantly via Twitter and email.
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